Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Digging for Gold at the Library: Ladies in Rigs

(by Gina Bardi, Reference Librarian)

Stephen Canright, our Park Historian, just showed me something wonderful in our collection, the San Francisco Yacht Club scrapbooks. These scrapbooks were compiled by members and contain clippings, illustrations, cartoons. photos and ephemera. They are not limited to San Francisco, although they are San Francisco centric. The library has volumes 1880-1882, 1883-1895, 1922-1923 and 1936 in our Rare Book Collection. With America’s Cup 34 fever building, these are sure to be of great value researchers looking for primary source material. We’re hoping to eventually get these digitized and up on our website so that more people may enjoy them. I think the illustrations and drawings will be of particular interest. Oh you don’t believe me? Want a little proof? OK, then, just take a look at some of these:

Newspaper illustration of ladies in the rigging
Ladies in the rigging
Newspaper illustration of first day races
First day races
Newspaper illustration of party becalmed in a boat
Newspaper cartoon of two model boats racing
"Two Nations"
Illustration of the Aggie under sail
Photographs of J.C. Cousins vessel construction
J.C. Cousins
Lines for cruiser for single-handed sailing
General plans for the cutter Wasp
Plans for the Wasp
Yeah, I know, right? Don’t even doubt me again…unless we are playing poker. Come into the library to see these for yourself. They are almost as much fun as sailing on a yacht.

Image sources:  Ladies in Rigs, First Days Race for the Cup, Becalmed and Two Nations are from the 1883-1895 volume. The rest are from the 1880-1882 volume.

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