Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Library Extension Chrome plugin for Keys

(by Heather Hernandez, Technical Services Librarian)

We are delighted to announce that in addition to the free LibX plugin for Firefox and Chrome, a free Library Extension plugin for Chrome is now available for Keys Catalog users.

The Library Extension plugin is similar to LibX, but it only works with Amazon, and is only available for Chrome.  Like LibX, it will let you click over to the Keys Catalog record for an item whenever it detects an item on Amazon that is also in the Keys Catalog--it does this through a box that appears in the Amazon display:

Screenshot of Demon of the Waters on Amazon with plugin added

If you click "Reserve your copy," then you will be taken to the Keys Catalog record for this item.

To install the plugin, go to LibraryExtension.com and follow the installation instructions.  You will need to configure it to work with Keys by looking under "California" for "San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park."  There are many other libraries that work with Library Extension--be sure to check out the list.

To find a LibX plugin to work with another library, select "Search for an edition for my community" from the main LibX page.

Note to other Koha users (the software that powers the Keys Catalog):  to get Library Extension plugin support for your catalog, simply visit Library Extension's Contact Us page and include the required information for your Koha catalog set up to be included in the next batch of supported catalogs.

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