Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scrambled Eggs Rothschild

(by Heather Hernandez, Technical Services Librarian)

The next recipe in the Library's copy of The captain's table : 18 recipes for famous dishes served aboard the S.S. United States and S.S. America is for another egg dish, Scrambled Eggs Rothschild:

The friendly scrambled egg becomes an international sophisticate.
Shell 1 pound cooked shrimp.  Reserve the meat and dry the shells in the oven for a short period.  Pound the shells in a large mortar having a heavy pestle, adding gradually 2 tablespoons heavy cream, until they are broken up as finely as possible and blended to a smooth paste.  Rub the mixture through a very fine sieve, combine it with 12 eggs, beaten, and season with salt and white pepper to taste.  Cook the egg mixture in a double boiler over hot water until it is smooth and creamy.  Pour the mixture into a timbale mold and arrange a small bunch of cooked asparagus tips in the center of the mold.  Arrange the reserved shrimp meat around the rim of the timbale and garnish with thick slices of black truffles.  Serves 6.

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